blue blanket 2.0.

if you are a friend of the family or a long time reader of this blog, then you know the sad tale of isaac’s blue blanket. if not, you can read in detail here. and here.

the short version is: isaac had a blue blanket that he loved more than anything. like linus. it went everywhere and life was disastrous without it. then, on a trip to ny, we had a travel catastrophe and stayed in a hotel and lost the blanket. he was just three. he trudged on without it. and was a trooper. for over 3 years…

then, while i was on a girls weekend a few weeks ago, derek went to target with the kids to pick out a toy. while walking down the baby aisle, isaac jumped out of the cart and ran to a blanket that he swore was just like his blue one. he quickly decided that would be his “toy”.

it was obvious that he was serious about this decision.

anna got a brown version of the same blanket and almost gave up her stupid elephant blanket for it, but not quite. isaac is so happy.


i can’t believe that after three years, he a) remembered the look and feel of his old blanket and b) is this happy to be (sort of) reunited. my friend heather said she always felt like his life was incomplete without that blanket.

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