a kindergarten mother’s day…

this morning was “muffins with moms” in isaac’s kindergarten class to celebrate mother’s day. he was so so so excited. and super cute while he tried to be patient.

while we waited for muffins, we got to look at our card. i’m the best sower. 🙂 and that’s him and anna hugging me. and me holding up a quilt. 🙂

after we ate, we opened our present… a super cute laminate book that the kids all made for their moms.

my blond hair and so blue eyes. (i’ll pretend that in real life my hair isn’t blah-nd. and my eyes not a gray color). i AM amazing though.

i like to sew. so true. he even included his little art table that’s set up in my sewing dungeon.

i don’t think you have to be smart to drive. and i don’t own a purple jump suit.

i am the world’s best mom:

while i do LOVE my current sewing machine, i would not balk at a newer, fancier, blue-er one. 🙂

at first glance, I thought I was just lounging on the couch. but Ike must have made this during the time that I hurt my back, because he pointed out the heating pad under me. I’m thankful he doesn’t think I lay on the couch all day.

and finally. a picture of us playing hide and seek.

it was super cute. he was so proud.

it was a little sad. there were a couple of kiddos who didn’t have moms come in. or substitute moms (dads, grammas, etc). they looked sad and grumpy. and it made me sad. 🙁

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