garden mania.

we were a little late getting our garden rolling this year, but this weekend, we set out to get all of this planted:

anna was armed with her new gardening set that she got for her birthday from my parents and jake.

the gloves were a little big, but that didn’t slow down her helpful digging.

isaac came out to help for about 3 minutes and then he went back in the house. he’s a bum.

anna helped water after each plant was in it’s new home.

derek snapped a picture of our chaos. er, progress.

anna hung in there all the way to the end. and she only trampled a few plants along the way. she’s a proud little gardener.

then her dress got wet and she stripped and decided to catch chickens in her underwear.

we are also trying a lettuce garden this year on the deck (for easy salad access).

anyhow. that’s the garden story. it’s fenced off with some chicken wire to keep our poultry out. they circled it and circled it, pausing now and then to look in at me, probably trying to make me feel guilty for taking away their favorite digging spot in the yard. it didn’t work.

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  1. Catching chickens in underwear! Too cute! This will be an awesome blackmail photo when she’s a teenager.

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