first grade. first day.

our summer came to a screeching halt this past sunday night and on monday morning, we were thrown back into the world of packing lunches, rushing to get ready in the morning, checking homework folders, car pick up lines and stop light behavior management plans (“were you on green today??”)…

isaac requested that he wear a bow tie for his first day. so, obviously, i made that happen. he picked the fabric and i made a faux bow tie. then, after realizing he’s grown 6 sizes since the last time he dressed up, i hut up megathrift for a 99 cent button down shirt. and we were good to go…

well, maybe not that good.

i had to compromise and let him untuck.

goofball time…

being fake shy.

outside of his classroom.

settling in. unpacking crayons and various other fresh school supplies.

on last pic before i left. (his neighbor is a friend’s cousin’s kiddo. she’ll never be able to resist the bow-tied kid with the fresh buzz cut.)

and, he’s off an running. anna and i are enjoying our quiet time together. only a few months left, before everything blows back up and a baby descends upon our comfy lifestyle…

3 Replies to “first grade. first day.”

  1. Sweet! Hows he holding up? My students were dragging by today. Me, Im mentally done in! TG for 3 day weekends!

  2. Of course she’ll fall for the bow tie. Who wouldn’t? Enjoy your downtime before the baby 🙂 It will be chaos, but good chaos for sure!

  3. Are you going to change the name of your blog to Three Little Lid Kids? How does Isaac like 1st grade?

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