new favorite quilt!!!

scrappy trip along.

i am so excited about this quilt.

i had seen a lot of “scrappy trip along” quilts on the internets, but didn’t love them. they seemed way too busy to me. until i happened upon this one. i have been hoarding low volume prints for awhile and knew that this would be the perfect use for them.

so, thanks to some sew-ins with my quilt guild, i was able to knock this thing out.


i love it so much.

i decided on straight diagonal lines for the quilting. mostly because i love it so much and am not super confident in my free motion quilting and didn’t want to do anything to ruin it.

i lost a lot of time trying to decide on the perfect backing. then one fateful day, i found this fabric on sale at

went with some gray quilter’s linen for the binding. the old standby favorite.
scrappy trip along.

a living room shot, because i feel like the colors washed out a bit in my early morning overcast sky deck picture…

and despite having been warned multiple times that this quilt belongs to me and only me, anna insists that i should share it.

when i took it out of the dryer and showed it to isaac, he said, “awesome! can we our dinner on it?”.


7 Replies to “new favorite quilt!!!”

  1. Love it Sarah! Now I want to make me one just like yours!

  2. It is lovely!

  3. Amazing! It is really superb! The best scrappy ever!

  4. I don’t “love” scrappy trips, but this is awesome!

  5. I really like this a lot. You’re right, it’s totally different from the really scrappy trips and a great use for low vol fabrics!

  6. Love it! Even though the fabrics are definitely modern, that quilt has a vintage feel to it that really appeals to me.

  7. Indeed! Great quilt! Congratulations!

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