january 5th resolutions.

when i was up, in the middle of the night last night, i looked back in my blog to old new years resolutions/goals. and began to think about this year. and what i want to change in my life. and all that new yearsy type stuff.

firstly, my social media cutbacks.
two years ago, i gave up twitter. and never looked back. last year, i attempted to radically scale back facebook. but, i failed.

for a few months, i only looked at the pages of the people i care about. then, slowly, the others leaked back in. and once again, i was checking all the time. reading annoying statuses of people who should not have a voice in my life.

anyhow, a few days after christmas, i finally deactivated my account. i hate that i am losing touch with so many people. but, it’s the price i will pay to not be so bitter about the crap people post.

i’m still on instagram. slidbom. and that’s a lot more tolerable so far. flipagrams and videos might ruin that for me, though.

hopefully, this will help me blog more.

number two. patience.
i have a goal. to not strangle any of my children this year. i’ve been successful at that in years past. but, this year will prove the toughest of all. we’re only 5 days in and there’s been some close calls.

i kid, i kid.
but for reals. isaac is testing my patience on a whole new level. i never wanted to be he parent that cannot wait for school to start back up. but, i am. i’m ready let the public school system have him back.

and anna. man, she’s stubborn. we just put a lock on the outside of her door, so when she’s having her epic tantrums, we can remove her from the general living area and put her in her room to finish it up.

i feel like i just yell at them all day. and that pretty much sucks.
so, i’m hoping i can be calmer. and more patient. and figure out some alternatives. i really want to homeschool isaac in the fall, and the way things are going, i don’t know that we will be able to pull it off. you know, and all stay alive and sane.

once upon a time, i was an athlete. and sort of healthy. active, at least. then, i had all of these kids. and now i’m not. i don’t know how i’ll do it, because we canceled the ymca membership to save some money, but i am ready to be back to semi-pre-all-three-lid-kids weight. i’ve given myself a bit of a pass since having hazel, because of christmas and such. but, i hope to drink more water and less pop. and eat approximately 97% less candy. and maybe eat a vegetable every week or so. and once i’m “cleared” for activities, i will at least walk and lift some weights and such. i hope. i’m not sure how the three kids all works in…

so, that’s where i’m at.
thanks for reading this picture-less post.
don’t worry. there’s about 987 pictures on my phone waiting to be put into a post, soon.

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  1. So, that explains why I couldn’t find you on FB!!! I had a totally random question for you… Do you still draw logos? We are doing a Metamorphosis this year with The Walking Dead theme. I had I my mind some possible tshirt designs, but am not artistically minded enough to make them happen. Let me know if you have time or are interested in such am endeavor!

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