the garden. 2014 edition.

rewind to last summer.
all my plants were dying and spindly and sad.
i swore i’d never have another garden.
or at least this year i wouldn’t.
after all, i’d have another kid.
and my gardens have been pretty unsuccessful since having any kids.

but then. spring came.
and we are homeschooling.
and the cover blew off the garden.
and we went to the farmers market.
so. another garden was planted.

this time. with helpers.

while mixing in some compost and tilling up the old stuff… we found worms! (a perfect treat for the chickens! also note: anna is a nature champ. she carried about 7 worms to the chickens. isaac freaked out carrying one and dropped it.)

hazel didn’t last long swinging in the sun. she napped just long enough for us to get everything planted. perfect. isaac was the swinger and he was so proud of himself for getting her to sleep.

planning our attack. i may or may not have purchased a few too many plants.

isaac started off strong.


i bought a bunch of carrots in a long skinny planter. i had to break it up a bit to fit the space i had for them. so, we caught a glimpse of this super cute tiny carrot.

an artichoke plant. i’m very excited about this one.

anna. hanging with the onions.

she’s my super helper.


so proud.

meanwhile. isaac fizzled out and found a spot in the shade.

anna hung in strong. 🙂

we checked out the strawberry planter and found a few ripe ones for our post garden planting enjoyment.

strawberry enthusiast.

so. we planted roma and german johnson tomatoes, green and orange bell peppers, banana peppers, lima beans and sugar snap peas, artichoke, carrots, radishes, onions, pickling cucumbers, zucchini and eggplant. we’ll see what survives this year. 🙂

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  1. Fun stuff! Jealous of your garden – our yard is super shady so I’m not sure what would grow. Also, I have a black thumb (aka: lazy). Yay for Anna for being the gardening superstar, and for Hazel for napping through it all. Next year, she’ll want to “help” too 🙂

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