double check ups.

so. i had the bright idea to take anna and hazel for their well child check ups at the same time. anna’s four year. hazel’s six month.

they did all the required measurements and such.

height: 3′ 4″ tall. 50th percentile.
weight: 31 lbs. 14th percentile.
she’s a heavyweight.

and hazel…
height: 26.25″. 58th percentile
weight: 15.75 lbs. 36th percentile.
head circumference: 17.5″. 93rd percentile.

so, to recap. anna is a little munchkin. and hazel is the same, but with a massive head. hopefully, it’s because her brain is so ginormous and she’s gonna be a megagenius. that’s scientific, right?

after the “fun” stuff, it was time for shots. i had not mentioned them to anna and then sprung it on her about 3 seconds before they gave them to her. she might never trust me again, but it was worth her not being stressed and whiny all day leading up to the appointment, which is what happened when i took isaac. she had four shots. and cried a bit. and then sucked it up and collected her share of suckers and stickers. and now, she’s done until 6th grade!

hazel went second. and she was already tired and cranky. and she screamed and screamed and screamed. it was a bit ridiculous. she had three. and she’s done until 12 month. thankfully…

that’s the update.

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  1. 2 kid shots in 1 day? Whew!! Genius head size is good.

    Good call on not telling her beforehand. I did the same thing for Evan and only had to listen to the whining and moaning afterwards (for about 3 months).

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