rainbow tutu mania.

before anna’s birthday, i had the bright idea to make her a rainbow tutu. you know, to go with the rainbow dash my little pony theme. except then, everyone took a turn at being sick (some of us twice). and time ran out.

well, i picked it back up yesterday. and frustratedly concocted this shoddily made piece of twirly magical little girl clothing.

anna LOVES it.

it’s perfect for twirling, i’m told.

i had the bright idea to sew it, versus making a nifty no-sew tutu. after all, i fancy myself a sewist, right?

well, cramming 32 yards of tulle (that’s the official name of tutu material) around a 19 inch waist proved to be a little tricky. in retrospect, i might have had a bit more fabric that i needed.

but, this kid is happy, so i’m good.

and that’s story of the rainbow tutu.

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  1. Love it!

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