seven months. (and 11 days).

hazel hit the seven month milestone a week and a half ago.
i took some pictures.

it’s getting harder. she never stops moving.

she’s full all out crawling. and pulling up. and starting to cruise. she loves to get into the dog food. and dump the full bowl of dog water. and pull books off the shelf. and all of the diapers out of the basket. she is an avid fan of knocking down towers. and knee bouncing to rhymes. she likes to make kiss faces. and tongue clicking sounds. and most of all, she enjoys eating legos.

she’s not a fan of the car seat. or the other two kids always trying to hold her in one place. or sleeping. she’s still the world’s worst sleeper. nights are usually ok (although the last four have been rocky). naps are horrible. i’m lucky to get 45 minutes. we’re still taking three or four (sometimes only two) 30 minute power naps a day. it’s pretty much miserable.

hazel has just started putting in her pacifier on her own. i assume this correlates to her ability to stealthily put legos into her mouth. and puffs. and tiny bits of food. or dog fur. still no teeth. i don’t mind a gummy baby smile, though.

this girl is feisty and outspoken. just like the other two.

time is flying by.

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  1. Awww so cute! Love the last “in flight” pic. Sucks though that she’s still a terrible napper – at least she seems happy! And a little dog fur never hurt anyone 😉

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