merlot and van gogh.

my friend (and quilt mom) kim and her (actual) daughter casey had the super fantastic idea to have a group party at merlot and van gogh. you go. drink some wine. and paint a picture.

the place where the magic takes place is right next door to burke street pizza. home of the best ever delicious garlic knots. so. i got some. all for me.

most of the folks in attendance are serious animal lovers, so the theme was “paint your pet”. i hunted down a good picture of our knucklehead dog and came up with this one…

when you get there, they’ve already outlined your picture and drawn an outline onto your canvas. (we emailed them a few days before the party). we got our aprons on. and our wine poured. and got to work.

i made a new friend. the girl next to me. turns out we have a lot of mutual friends from various places in our lives. winston-salem is always smaller than i think.

we painted away. serious business. (i hi-jacked a lot of these pics from the merlot and van gogh facebook page).

our group. and all of our pet paintings.

my painting of lucy with the outlined pic of her below.

and lastly. just a pic of my painting. i love it. if only i wasn’t still bitter with lucy for eating tina fey.

anyhooooo…. it was a lot of fun. and i will definitely go back. they do kids birthday parties. and have a lot of options for the theme of the painting. and you don’t have to have a group, i don’t think. you can just sign up for a scheduled “class”. so, that’s all. fun times. 🙂

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  1. great job everyone — if ya’ll go back let me know, I’d love to do it. I’m surprised you didn’t do a painting of Tina Fey — that would have been great.

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