pre family beach trip catch up post.

ok. get ready for one zillion pictures. then, i’m going to try to make sure nothing fun or picture worthy happens in the next two days. because on saturday, we pack up and our little family of five will head to the beach. and you can be sure that i will be over facebooking, instagramming and blogging our trip…

so, here’s what’s happened, in pictures, since my last update post.

anna is improving her art. unfortunately, this is directly on the kitchen table.

also, she went through a teeth phase. making all of her portraits hilariously creepy.

we had some friends over for a cookout. (and isaac dressed up). and we let the chickens out for a little bit of tormenting and harassing. 🙂

hazel. still hates sleep. but always dozes in the jumperoo.

chick fil fan.

disaster. every meal.

anna has acquired her own sweet stash of girlie legos. rapunzel. cinderella. horses. lego friends. and lots of pink and purple bricks. we have worked hard to keep them separate from isaac’s and to keep her kits together. to no avail. if someone figures out a fool proof lego organization system, they will be a zillionaire.

our garden harvest continues on. we haven’t had super great luck. bugs and other such garden killers have taken out their fare share of our crops. but roma tomatoes are coming in strong. and will be sauce very soon.

look at that! sauce!

hazel. hates sleep. she’s still in the pack and play in our room, mostly. thought i would try a nap in her crib. peeked in to see this.

i finally made a plan and cut into my stack of fabrics for anna and hazel’s matching but not matching quilts.

anna hearts the garden grown homemade spaghetti sauce.

basket sisters.

kristin boone took some pictures of hazel the other day. that reminds me. she posted some of them. so you can expect a gratuitous amount of hazel pictures in a post coming soon.

hazel’s quilt top.

we had a guest speaker at our modern quilt guild last tuesday. afterward, we went out to a new awesome restaurant in winston-salem. the porch. and it was delicious. and then i left my debit card. so, i had to drag all three lid kids back over there to pick it up. i bribed them with chips and guac. and obviously, i needed some, too. anna is the guac lover.

these two are bffs.

scored some consignment sale costumes for anna, who loves dress up. she quickly gave each one a test drive.

over the weekend, i decided i missed western new york and a chicken finger sub was in order. with blue cheese and all. it wasn’t the same. but close. i would still rather just move back.

earlier this week, anna had a day long play date with her bff natalie. natalie is the teen daughter of my friend heather. and she’s so great with anna. i met them in town and dropped her off. and she was in heaven.

while she was gone, i whipped up this my little pony no sew fleece blanket. i had gone to joann’s to get some backing fabric for some other quilts. and then saw this. and had a ton of coupons. and knew it would make anna’s year. i also knew i could tie knots in the comfort of my living room, with hazel present, versus trying to find time in the quilt dungeon to sew it. besides, these tie blankets really are the best.

(i just realized i haven’t edited all of these pics and i don’t care).

anna came home from her big day with some crafts and gifts and this sweet manicure.

(i’m almost done!!!)

yesterday, we had a double play date at the park. swinging….

then. a nap. of course she took a super long (for her, 45 minutes) nap at the park. then, of course, isaac had to go to the bathroom. and couldn’t possibly hold it. and then he got into a fight with anna and she punched him. so, i had to wake up hazel, to get our freakshow out of there.

anna has become pretty good buddies with isaac’s friend johnlee’s little sister. cute girls.

this morning’s jumperoo nap. 🙂

and finally. here’s a snapshot of a typical day in the life at my house.

that’s it.

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