family patchwork stockings.

ok. background story.
we have fancy cross stitch ll bean stockings for our family. except hazel.
last year. when i was deciding whether or not to get her one (because she would be born just before christmas but probably wouldn’t notice a lack of stocking), i waffled one too many times. and no stocking was gotten.
well. my quilt guild had a sew-in four days after her due date. i didn’t think i would make it. turns out, i was available. so, i packed up my stuff and made a stocking for hazel. i think it was just what she needed, because the next day, i was scheduled to be induced.

here’s the stocking.

so, this year rolled around. and i decided to make four matching stockings for the rest of us. because i have a lot of time on my hands. i got everything ready so i could make them at the sewing retreat at the beach. but, i wasn’t sure about mine. so i just made isaac and anna’s and derek’s.

i was torn. between making mine all different colors and my favorite fabrics. or sticking to the theme of one or two colors. and. after i made all of ours really scrappy, i decided that hazel needed a new, more scrappy stocking. i finally decided on grays with pops of red for mine. and stuck with aquas for hazels.

i’m super duper happy with them. the kids love them. and they are more “us” than the ll bean ones. (also, anna had recently become disgruntled that her ll bean stocking was a cardinal and she wanted a snowman).

and today. we decorated. so, here they are. in action.

and. that’s the story of the lidbom family patchwork stockings.

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