belated easter post.

i’m about to play another round of bloggy catch up.

first up.

the eggs dying.
and the egg hunt.

the egg dying went as you might suspect. same as every family. for the last 100 years, i suppose.

we used two dye kits this year. one standard (except for being neon colors) and one with a shallow tray, so you can color just small parts of your egg.

anna is very focused.

not super impressed with the “neon” colors.

the obligatory instagram pic.

my contribution. 🙂

the finished product.

on the saturday before easter, we had our candy egg hunt. hazel was allowed to participate in this holiday tradition (unlike the egg dying). here’s the posse, ready to begin.

hazel found exactly ONE egg. she spent the rest of the hunt opening it, dropping out it’s contents, picking them all up, dropping them again, and then resigned to just eating them off the ground. anna, in the background, was determined to keep up with her brother this year.

the boy. his bucket overflowed. he gave some to hazel. and played it cool.

time to enjoy the spoils.

hazel stuffed as much as she could possibly fit into her mouth. she was drooling out all sorts of colors. lovely.

for easter, we hosted a “bring your own meal” easter lunch. derek’s family dropped in after church, each toting various fast food takeout, and the kids spent some time frollicking around in the sunshine and fresh air. and that was our easter.

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