may. a belated post.

it’s been a bit crazy around here for the last little bit. (end of school, new computer
and i’m playing a giant game of bloggy catchup.
we head to the beach saturday, and i will obviously have about 40 things to blog about that, so hopefully i’ll be all caught up before then.

first up. a catch-all may post.

back to may 1. when isaac had to give a massive presentation on alexander graham bell.

and then he and derek went on a boy scouts camping trip.
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so, the girls and i snuggled in for a movie night.

then we picked out plants for our garden.

super helpers.

we took poor, neglected, lonely chicken harry potter out for some play time. he’s the perfect size for hazel to hold.

we made a very poor decision to attempt to eat at a mexican restaurant on cinco de mayo. it was sooooo long. and they didn’t give me a cool poncho for my corona. lame.

this seems like a million years ago. the wednesday before mother’s day, anna’s preschool class had a mother’s day tea party. they performed a cute little poem. and fed us cut up foods on sticks and dirt cake. and gave us the cutest little preschool presents.

this was also the weekend of anna’s epic frozen birthday. so there was much frosting and cakery taking place.

on the day of anna’s birthday, i had to go to her class to celebrate and delivery delicious frozen themed foods and then RUSH out to get to isaac’s class picnic, which was obviously scheduled for a month before school was out.

thankfully, it was super laid back. after lunch on a towel, they handed out bubbles to all the kids and they pretty much just frolicked about for awhile. i guess there were tons of activities all morning, while i was slaving away, feeding preschoolers.

these girls.  heart.IMG_7372


anna recieved a fresh batch of kinetic sand for her birthday, so we busted that out to play with. (side note: isaac calls it “connecticut sand”).IMG_7637


we finally planted our garden.  anna is a great helper (and probably the only reason we are even having a garden this year).IMG_7751


um.  the preschool musical.  anna knew all the songs.  and was so ready.  and then was completely paralyzed through the entire little performance.  she stood facing me, eyes locked on me, with tears welling up the whole time.  poor kiddo.  IMG_7785

after a much better day of preschool, we went out to lunch with our friend sam (whose mom is my friend jen. conveniently).IMG_8003

and then. after lunch, isaac’s teacher called to say he had a fever.  so home he came.  and then he completely MISSED his musical.  i was so excited for it too.  it was all schoolhouse rock songs and he (and anna) had been working hard on them.IMG_8006

some isaac artwork.  blue lucy.IMG_8016

hazel has gotten handy with the ipad.  which is fantastic, because now there’s three kids to fight over it instead of just two.IMG_8031

the remaining chicken is most likely a rooster.  nevertheless, he’s very chill and lets anna do whatever she wants with him.  like swing him.IMG_8046

so, remember that bit about isaac getting sent home?  after a few days, his fever spiked a bit and we got a little worried, so off to the doc we went.IMG_8059

and the doc sent us for x-rays.  (where this lady was awesome with isaac).  and the diagnosis was pneumonia.  blerg.  IMG_8055

crazel chocolate face.IMG_8142

three little lid kids all in a row.  watching a screen.  IMG_8259

i’m hoping to write a seperate full blog about camping over memorial day, but if i can’t this one picture will have to do.  our friends, the hungerfords, hosted a massive campout and bbq at their house.  swimming.  tons of food.  campfire. smores.  a terrible night’s sleep.  what’s not to love.  here are some of the kiddos.IMG_8301

matchy jammie breakfast sisters.IMG_8323

derek’s mom bought the girls matching dresses.  anna picked out matching shoes.  and the rest is history.IMG_8359


and then. there was the last day of preschool.  anna ordered me to wash her dress so she could wear it again.  here’s a pic from the first and last day.  the girl has grown a bit, but she’s still a little pip squeak.IMG_8365

more pool fun.  with natalie.IMG_8391

natalie has adopted the lidkid sisters.IMG_8427

crazel the crazelnut.IMG_8425

such a sad face.  because i wouldn’t let her play with the hand sanitizer.  then, to add insult to injury, i wouldn’t let her have my phone.  tragic.IMG_8451

almost done!


at the end of may, the kiddos got baptized.  we all got dressed up (girls in the matchy dresses, of course) and managed a decent family pic!!IMG_8477

after baptism brunch with gramma.  i took about 20 pics and this was the best one.  there’s several where hazel is participating, but the gramma and the anna look weird.  i wish i could photoshop all the best faces.  IMG_8496


and that brings may to a close.  the end.

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  1. I’m super late reading, as usual!

    Looks like a fun but busy month. Matching dresses!!!!! The chicken buckled in the swing is hilarious. Harry is a real trooper.

    Those end of year shows just never turn out quite like envisioned, huh?

    Hope you guys had fun at the beach and everyone is well!

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