june. (seriously belated).

so. we were at the beach and then in new york for a good part of june, so i thought i didn’t have a ton of stuff to post about. but, i still managed to rustle up 24 pictures from random june happenings….

like this picture of my delicious (and organized) breakfast.

picture one of theannababy and harry potter.  (not sure if i’ve posted on my blog or not.  we have had a suspicion that the lone survivor of the lucy massacre was a rooster.  we know now – after some morning cockadoodle-dooing – that he is for SURE a rooster.  so, we have take to calling him harry potter, the boy who lived.  in other news, we will either have to get rid of him, move, or find a solution for his morning shout outs).IMG_8530


“mom. the chick can ride on my shoulders like how we ride on dad’s shoulders.”IMG_8579

pic 3 of anna and harry.IMG_8588

had a girls night out with heather and jude.  we went to johnny cash open mic night.  and had soda pops.  we are old.IMG_8604

these dudes were legit.IMG_8609

ipad junkies.IMG_8615

my quilting has slowed to almost a halt these days.  it’s a combination of a lot of things.  laziness.  a bit of lost interest.  three kids home all day. one less crazel nap.  but, i did manage to finish up this top for my friend, danii.  maybe someday i’ll get it quilted.  🙂IMG_8619

isaac loves hazel.  he asked me to take this picture.  🙂

the annababy.  with her princess anna braids.  🙂

one of the last days with isaac still in school.  girls only breakfast…. silly girls, that is.IMG_8705

happy girls.IMG_8719

18 month checkup.  there were shots.
and i suppose i should write a blog post about the 1.5 year old, but if i don’t, here’s her stats, at least:
height: 32.5″ (74%)
weight: 24 lbs (69%)
head circumference: 19.4″ (98%).

of course she had to climb all over the table and stand up and lean over the edge as much as possible.   IMG_8758

isaac’s last day.  he had a great year and loved mrs. joyce.  (she was due to have a baby that exact moment, but it would be another whole week. poor girl.)IMG_8760

the kids left their legos out.  hazel had a field day.IMG_8781

i cannot resist taking pics of the girl and her oatmeal.IMG_9282

anna’s bloody toe nail.  (see previous post).  you’re welcome.IMG_9290

lazy summer morningz.IMG_9298

zucchini tester.IMG_9304

movie night.IMG_9307


now that it’s summer, we were finally able to connect with these fun friends again.  🙂IMG_9325


i’m all caught up.  (except for posting about the last two weeks in new york, that is…)

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