no dads atlantic beach trip. days four and five.

back to the beach. IMG_9083

there was a lot of sand castle building on this day.IMG_9087

with my little pony accessories.IMG_9092

and princesses.IMG_9094

ruler of the kingdom.  rainbow dash.IMG_9095

the boy. attempting to catch a fish.IMG_9098

the girl. being cute.IMG_9103

more sand castle mania.IMG_9104

general candid shot.IMG_9107

another of the boy. it’s a miracle.IMG_9115

in the afternoon, while hazel napped, anna stayed at the beach with some other moms and alden came over to play minecraft with isaac.  the sand and salt and sun wore them out.  IMG_9118

day five.  juliana’s birthday.  off to dunkin donuts for an early breakfast birthday celebration.  IMG_9122

we pretty much took over dunkin donuts for our little gathering.  i’m sure they were glad to see us leave.  singing to the birthday girl.IMG_9127

after some donuts, we were off to the aquarium (it’s free with our zoo membership!)… this super sweet sand sculpture was on the way in.  the boys were mesmerized.IMG_9134

family pic in the mouth of some large sea creature fossil.IMG_9192

all of the attending small kiddos.  IMG_9147

hazel LOVED it.IMG_9150


the boys.  i like to think they were talking about sharks and ocean life, but i’m sure they were discussing minecraft.IMG_9184


the annababy checking otu the tiny jellyfish.IMG_9190

and. back to the beach.  juliana loves hazel.  hazel loves juliana.IMG_9198

happy anna face.IMG_9200

more sandy fun with juju.IMG_9202

crazel and juju.IMG_9205


and. that’s the end of days 4 and 5. (day 6 was the last day so that will be a short post)…




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