no dads atlantic beach trip. days two and three.

after selecting all the pics for this post, it appears we didn’t go to the beach at all for days two and three. strange. anyhooo… here’s what we DID do.

we started off with a slow morning, because hazel learned that she can climb out of her pack and play and we got a very early start. so, some chill breakfast and reading time.

then. off to the pool. hazel – still not a water fan. she just played with toys nearby.

and was just generally cute.

later, for dinner, we went out to the sanitary fish market for some seafood dinner fun.

if i’m being honest, my food was not quite amazing.  ok.  but expensively ok.IMG_8938

anna set up this little scene of a playmobil puppy dining on a hush puppy.IMG_8939

on day three, the whole crew loaded up and drove down to fort macon for a little (hot and sweaty) exploration.  (this is where i remember to tell you that it was like 98 degrees the entire week).  i tried to take a fort macon flag selfie, but lorena photobombed.IMG_8952

the sisters.  hazel prefers to run rampant, despite anna’s desperate attempts to tame her into strolling hand in hand, like a good little sister should.IMG_8957

the boy and the baby.IMG_8960

exploring one of the many many rooms.IMG_8963

all of the kiddos on a wall.IMG_8979

my flock of little people on the same wall.IMG_8982

another friend, bethany, was with us and snapped many pictures of my kiddos and gave them to me.  she’s the best.IMG_9025

the three lid kids.IMG_8993

more of the three being super cute.IMG_9003

the girls.IMG_9080

there was a little (air conditioned!!!) museum at the fort, so we walked through that to learn (cool off).  clam boy.IMG_9016

clam baby.IMG_9018

another pic that bethany took and sent to me. 🙂IMG_9023

in the afternoon, i took these three knuckleheads out to try a little metal detecting.  it was a total bust.  they grew bored quickly and we only came back with a pushpin that we found near the boardwalk.IMG_9030

so, we went swimming instead.  anna brought along her frozen dolls.  her naked frozen dolls.IMG_9040

pool bum.IMG_9052

flying crazel.

for dinner, we all packed up and went to el’s drive in for some delicious burgers and such.

and i continued throwing hazel into the air.IMG_9079

our posse.  waiting sort of patiently for food.

heather (homeschool mom) organized the kids to do a little cheer camp game.  hazel totally thought she was playing too.IMG_9069

ahhhh.  finally.  fooooood.  most of the attendees.IMG_9073

my people, eating.IMG_9076

and that’s a wrap on days three and four.  🙂

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