fam beach trip ’15 (part 3)

hello. and welcome to another installment of the lidbom family beach trip.
today, i will be blogging about wednesday and thursday.
buckle up. it’s super exciting.

(not really.)

on wednesday, we did the same thing we did most of the week… headed for the beach.  for some reason, this was the day we were obsessed with digging up crushed shells on the edge of the tidal pool.

i’m not gonna lie.  we had a couple of good days and moments, but isaac spent a lot of the vacation a bit grumpy.  he’s hard right now.  IMG_0764_2

this kid loves the beach. ocean. and pool.IMG_0765_2

hazel even began to warm up to the giant ocean trying to sneak up around her ankles.IMG_0767_2

a smile. 🙂IMG_0823_2

the sisters. IMG_0778_2

more sisters.IMG_0822_2

the crazel!IMG_0798_2

shell shard collector.IMG_0812_2

more grump head.  (i actually think maybe he wasn’t actually grumpy here, he just looked it).


tidal pool sand sifting.


in the afternoon, we hit the pool, and they were selling snow cones, so we obviously had to get some.  IMG_0826_2

snow cone aftermath.IMG_0828_2

for dinner, we hit up the squirrel hut, which derek had heard great things about.  it was a little tiny hole in the wall place that boasted a “legit philly cheesesteak” and was decked out in all manner of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh sports paraphernalia.

the girl.  awaiting her burger.IMG_0834_2

my cheesesteak.  it was good.  but, it definitely fell short of expectations.  sorry squirrel hut.



on thursday, all the kiddos were beached out.  so, we started our day at the pool.  anna did a little tanning in the shade.  weirdo.IMG_1006_2

i got pretty bored with the pool quickly, so hazel and i headed out to the beach for a bit.IMG_0856_2

we spent the rest of thursday inside.  i think we were all worn out.  i read on the balcony with some margaritas, so i can’t really complain.  the kids just played and watched tv and recovered.IMG_0859_2


and that’s all for wednesday and thursday.  so close.

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