family beach trip, 2015 (part 2)

our second day at the beach began slowly.  we worked a little on a puzzle (and hazel worked on wrecking it).  had a lazy breakfast.  and eventually got ready for the beach…IMG_0993

at the beach, i made a feeble attempt at a family picture.  hazel was not super agreeable.IMG_0659_2

the boy.IMG_0661_2

the girl.IMG_0663_2

the toddler.IMG_0669_2

the family.IMG_0670_2

more family action shot.IMG_0677_2

isaac learned a lesson in the proper water to sand ratio needed for a solid sand castle.  needless to say, this attempt was a failure.IMG_0681_2

the crazel was  a fan of the walled in wading pool.IMG_0686_2

during hazel’s nap, isaac stayed in and i went to the pool with just this kiddo.  she wasn’t super patient with allowing me some reading time.  here, she’s waiting for 10 minutes to pass until my next dip in the pool.IMG_0702_2

we had a low-key evening, and derek busted out the kerplunk game for a little family gaming.  hazel lost.IMG_0719_2

i underestimated my reading time and read my two books in two days, so on the third morning, this little bookstore saved the day and i picked up two more.IMG_0724_2

the kids needed a little break from the beach, and hazel took a super early nap, so we opted for a day at broadway at the beach in myrtle beach.  our first stop was amici’s brickoven.  i got this super amazing stromboli and then ate way too much.  also.  cool story.  while we were there, a couple saw derek’s pok-a-dot t-shirt and came up to our table and asked if we were from batavia.  she worked at the middle school and knew my brother and he worked at the ARC a few hundred feet down the road from where i grew up.  so, that was a fun little surprise.IMG_0728_2

our main reason for broadway at the beach was to go to magiquest.  it was pretty cool, but maybe geared for kids a little older than ours.  anna was with derek and did ok.  i had isaac and hazel (she was just along for the ride).  isaac got frustrated often.  as did i.  mostly because i hate conglomerations of the general public and i was toting hazel around the whole time.  anyhow, it wasn’t so bad in the end and i’m sure we will go back now that we’ve dropped the big money on the wands and such.IMG_0995

the lighting was terrible and there were people swarming everywhere so it was hard to get a good picture.  IMG_0733_2

this is how i felt about it all.  grumpy selfie.IMG_0734_2

anna chugged along, with the goal of doing this unicorn thing.  and she made it at the very end.  (isaac, on the other hand, collapsed into a ball of tears after a super bratty kid cut in front of us at one of the little portals).IMG_0736_2

after our magiquest adventure, we hit up ben and jerry’s for some delicious icecream.  IMG_0747_2

derek’s birthday was monday, but we didn’t do anything to celebrate, so for dinner, we picked up some grocery store deli foods for the kids and scored some thai food for ourselves.  IMG_0752_2

after i stuffed myself with thai, the girls took a bubble bath.  hazel said “bubbles” on repeat about 200 times.  this was the only sort of appropriate pic i managed.  IMG_0754_2

so that’s a wrap on monday and tuesday…  

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