myrtle beach-ish, 2015 (part 1).

last week was our annual family trip to north myrtle beach. we left saturday mid-morning and began the four hour road trip to our salty and sandy destination. while i have been doing a lot of traveling this year, derek has not. this was his first real vacation. and it was nice to have a vacation with a husband/dad in attendance.

here’s my account of the travels and the first whole day.

hazel snoozed away on the ride. mouth breather.

we stopped at a gas station in biscoe and derek hooked me up with a surprise slush puppie. hooray.

we arrived around five pm. settled in. went out for some dinner. grocery shopped. and did a little late night swimming. and called it a night to get ready for a big long day at the beach in the morning.

the first day (sunday) was beautiful.  and all week, low tide was during the time that we were out (mid morning and early afternoon) and these wonderful little tidal pools were formed.  especially wonderful for those of us that don’t like the giant ocean sneaking up and knocking us down (hazel).  the anna baby was a fan, too.  IMG_0572_2

ike, hard at work bringing sand castle materials.  he spent most of his time in the ocean, jumping waves and floating on the swells just past the crashing waves.IMG_0573_2

the first sandcastle.  home to several princesses and my little ponies.IMG_0578_2

all of my people, in action.IMG_0582_2

burying crazel.IMG_0584_2

burying the annababy.IMG_0588_2

sand face crazel.IMG_0593_2

hazel was more of a demolisher than a builder.  thankfully, the other two kids are old enough to roll with it.  IMG_0599_2

our daily routine was usually, breakfast, beach, lunch, then big kids at pool while hazel napped.  so, here we are at the pool. IMG_0604_2


the other goof.IMG_0613_2

the boy. IMG_0615_2

we found out that there was a special at medieval times, where on the weekends, each adult ticket got a free kid’s ticket.  coupled with hazel being free if she sat on a lap, we decided to give it a go.  so, we got all cleaned up and ready to go.  but first.  a pic of my people.IMG_0619_2

medieval times entrance.  me and the lid kids.IMG_0651_2

the lighting wasn’t fantastic and we had our hands full (the crazel on my lap, the eating food with bare hands, the stupid flags that kept being dropped, etc).  this dude was the like the em cee.IMG_0652_2

hazel enjoyed it, even if she had no idea what was going down.  she just said “horse!” repeatedly.  IMG_0635_2

anna sort of understood and paid attention, but i was a little sad, when about an hour in, she asked me when it was going to start.  IMG_0639_2

isaac played along, but when the jousting and duels and sword fighting began, his attention was fixed.IMG_0991_2

we gave each kid $15 to spend at medieval times, but derek also brought a few toys along that they could purchase with their money.  both kids opted for a daddy store toy.  isaac got some more minecraft figurines.  anna went for this lego bird set.  it’s for ages 12 and up.  she needed help a couple of times, but mostly rocked it out herself.  she was so proud.  IMG_0992


and that brings our first day to a close.  i’ll be back with more soon!


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