autumn in batavia. part 2.

when we returned from “the most sincere pumpkin patch” — we wandered over to the beach, where the lake folk were having a clam bake.  the kiddos played in the sand, while we ate some sea creatures. IMG_1165

later, there was a bit of excitement, when we managed to capture a frog from the “pond” of stagnant water at my mom’s house.IMG_1176

derek took the kids fishing.  anna’s big catch.IMG_1194

despite her princessy ways, this kid isn’t afraid to wrangle a wiggling slimy animal into submission.IMG_1195

the view from the back deck.  not too shabby.IMG_2187

my mom’s carved an elsa pumpkin for anna.  we took it into the bathroom to get a good look at it’s glowing amazingness.  hazel was obsessed and wouldn’t let us open the bathroom door.  “elsa pumpkin? see it? see that elsa pumpkin?”IMG_2190

on sunday, the plan was to lay low and hang with family.  except none of my family showed up.  because they are all terrible people.  jake played a little pokemon monopoly with ike.  IMG_2191

and we ordered delicious pizza and wings.  delicious, i tell you.IMG_2196

we capped off the night with a trip to olivers to see jake in action.  it was a really nice day, so everyone in batavia seemed to have the same plan.  jake look frazzled.  i had pumpkin cheesecake and caramel apple.  so good.  IMG_2198

happy ice cream eater.IMG_2201

the crazel.IMG_1219_2

and then. it was over.  on monday morning, we loaded back up and headed back to north carolina.  blerg.IMG_2205

but not without a little t-ho’s for a jump start.IMG_2210

and that’s the end.
(except for a post about the actual reunion.)

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  1. I am a terrible blog reader these days…but looks like you guys had a fun trip for the most part! 🙂 The pumpkin patch pics are so cute – wish we had one with random animals around here.

    Props to Anna for the fish wrangling.

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