aquarium adventures. 

after our long and blah rainy first day, we loaded up the kids on day two and headed to the south carolina aquarium. isaac thought it was cool. Hazel thought everything was totally amazing. and Anna was meh.    
model eagles nest. to scale.   

cool fish. Hazel ran from exhibit to exhibit, shrieking with joy. isaac was a willing tour guide.   
sting rays.
jelly fish. 

  nna seriously wasn’t interested in much. but I managed a few pics when she didn’t think I was looking. :).   
the giant sea turtles were my favorite. 

lobster. Hazel would get super close to the glass and then inform us that the lobster (or whatever animal was in the exhibit) had bitten her. a vivid imagination on this one.    

surprisingly, Anna was the one kid who was willing to hold a starfish. 

there’s a massive tank in the middle of the aquarium, which is the highlight of the whole thing. sharks. other huge sea life. and another giant sea turtle. I’m told it’s a girl and she’s about 30. I am not totally sure, but she seemed to be totally interacting with her interested spectators. 
Hazel began running rampant and then threw a complete tantrum when we tried to restrain her mayhem. 
 it was bitter cold and we were under dressed even for the short walk from our car to the aquarium. so you can imagine the grumpiness when I asked for a quick pic just a few feet away, overlooking the water.   
the cold and miserable walk back to the van.  and our first adventure was in the books. 

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  1. I like the turtles too. My favorite is the ‘tour guide Isaac’.

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