fort clinch state park

our last week of camping was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. (i’ve already mentioned this, i know, i know). but on one beautiful (albeit windy) day, we drove back into florida to amelia island to visit yet another historic fort a state park. ūüôā

this time, it was fort clinch, and it was probably my favorite. i think, when “in season”, there are volunteers who actually run the camp like it would have been back in the day. not so much for us, but it was still cool.

anyhow. i don’t have much to say. just pictures.

testing out the bunks.IMG_6936

not sure what to think of the toilets.IMG_6940

pretending to be scared of fake explosives.IMG_6942


hazel insisted on climbing every narrow spiral staircase we came upon.IMG_6946

windy views from the bastions(?).IMG_6948



it was not a super cooperative day for the lid kid three in regards to photos.IMG_6955


go to the light.IMG_6962

fort selfie with me cropped out. ūüôāIMG_6964


another attempt at a group photo.  another failed attempt.IMG_6967




as good as it gets.IMG_1981





isaac thought every room was the prison.  but i think this one actually was.IMG_2007




draw bridge.IMG_2024

on the way back through the park, we stopped to see this lighthouse. ¬†we later attempted to ¬†drive to it, but as best i can tell, it’s just kind of in the woods in someone’s backyard. ¬†IMG_2026

after lunch (which was quite an endeavor in itself – we drove to the historic district. walked and walked and walked. attempted to sit at the bar of a seafood restaurant but were told “no children at the bar”. ¬†left. ¬†tried a pizza place. ¬†not open for lunch. ¬†settled on mexican. ¬†my fajitas had rosemary twigs in them. ¬†fancy. ¬†and then walked and walked and walked back to our car)… after lunch, we went to this park.IMG_6973


the kiddos played their little hearts out, before i forced them to go back home because i was tired. ¬†i’m the worst.

anyhow… that’s the last great adventure on our trial run for the lidbom rambling road show. ¬†my posts will be much more boring until we take off again…

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