gateway to cape cod. week one. the “boring” parts.

ok. i am about to post six different posts about the last week of our adventure. we have been very busy doing lots of fun and exciting (and maybe even educational) things. but, first. let me post about the in between moments. in other words, i’ll be getting the boring post out of the way.

firstly, there’s this pic that was actually from when we were still back at sturbridge. the night before we left, isaac had this big catch, and i feel it needs documenting.

and then, during the night before we left, i awoke to crazy rain and lightning. i checked my weather app, only to find that we were in for a long night of it.

finally, and thankfully, we were able to leave sturbridge a week early and head to “gateway to cape cod”… after we got settled in rested up, we went to a local italian restaurant, where i ventured out and got the fish fry. ho hum. it was soooo much breading. i think it might have been about 1/4” thick all around. another fish fry fail. i will only be getting them in western new york from now on.

the crazel’s art skills are taking off. she drew this “mad person” for our viewing enjoyment.

then, as a follow up piece, she gave herself a mad person tattoo.

this is apparently an extra mad person, because his “mouth is mad”. i’m not sure what her obsession with anger is.

ive mentioned it before, but her other newest obsession is thomas the train. she has been acquiring these little mini trains like crazy lately. they are only $1.50 in the mystery bags and less that $1 each if you get a pack of them. so, she has a bunch.

on night, i challenged ike to write in as many states as he could on our new usa map. with only a bit of a hint for montana, that kid knocked them all out. i was pretty impressed and not sure i could do it.

this face. i can’t stand it.

this campground has a lot of activities available for the kids. one day, we wandered over for the 2:00 craft, which was a nature collage. so first, the kids had to go out to collect nature items. while we were out, we saw this chrysalis. so exciting.

back inside, we attempted to glue our (heavy) nature items, using a glue stick, to flimsy construction paper. it didn’t go super well.

isaac gave up quickly and wandered off to play video games.

anna worked diligently, long past everyone else.

sleeping beauty.

these two princess camper girls.

one of my least favorite parts about camping is this. EVERY time we change sites, we are met with a fire pit full of someone else’s garbage. i don’t get it. (last time i had to scoop out wet, swollen dog food).

anna takes a little notebook everywhere we go. last week, when we went to providence, she made this little list of items to check off. she’s smart, though. she makes the list after and then we are super good at checking it all off.

lastly, another night time post with crazel. we put up a string of lights in our bed. and she will not leave them alone. i’m not sure how long they will last. she says they are “telescopes”…

anyhow. that’s the boring stuff. stay tuned for a flurry of posts about all of our fun adventures….

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