cloud climbing rail trail.

somehow. last week. i convinced the two bigger lidkids to go on a three mile hike in lincoln national forest. i did a little research and found a loop that went down into a canyon a bit, then up to an old railroad trestle and then back down further, before back up to the top. it started in cloudcroft, which is at the top of the sacramento mountains, at elevation 8,660ish feet.

apparently an old railroad used to be the only route through these parts, and lots of famous folks actually stayed here back in the day.

off we went.

not too far into the hike, there was an overlook into the canyon.

the kids marched along. i’m not sure why anna wore a dress, but she makes her own fashion decisions and there’s no arguing with her.

everyone was happy on the downward part of the trail. we stopped to admire nature, like this giant fungi.

the trail felt more like we were in maine, than new mexico. it smelled like pine (christmas) and the temps were actually a bit on the cool side.

the mexican canyon railroad trestle. you can see it from an overlook on the road, but that’s not as satisfying.

an overlook separated us from the actual trestle.

but, anna and i ventured down to get a better look. there was a “climbing on the trestle is prohibited” sign that isaac adamantly insisted we follow, or else i would have hopped up for a quick pic.

back on the trail, anna was studying her audobon field guide to the southwestern states. she runs ahead and then stops to read until we catch up.

still downward, ho.

they were mostly talking about minecraft.

then. we reached the bottom. and started back up. and everyone was miserable. but they still let me take a pic.

the last mile-ish was maybe a 600 or 700 foot steep incline. we shuffled along. they were actually pretty great about it. it wasn’t any fun, just an old gravel road, and they trudged along, miserably, but not complaining.

back at the parking lot, we were greated by three deer, so that lifted their tired spririts.

on the way home (it was about an hour commute), we stopped at this little gift shop type establishment. the kids had massive ice creams and i had green chile almonds.

then. off to the casa. or whatever the spanish word for camper is.

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  1. And the spooky apple head giant there to terrify all.

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