new mexico museum of space history.

today (sunday) we hit up the new mexico museum of space history. we had free admission, so we decided to spring for a trip to the planetarium. the museum was mostly a little over my kids heads, but still pretty cool.

outside, there were rockets and planes and various space travel artifacts. this giant rocket stands tallest among them all.

the kids loaded into a shuttle escape pod (not the technical term?). cozy.

once inside, we rode the super cool elevators to the top. they were designed to look like the inside of a space station. the doors made cool sounds when they opened and the inside was covered entirely in astronauty decals.

at the top, we could look out over the entire city of alamogordo.

then, we raced through the museum. stopping to view a moon rock.

ike was obviously drawn to the video game like control panel.

this creepy mannequin posing as an astronaut. i don’t buy it.

space food.

missile or rocket or something.

on the last floor, we came upon our favorite part. the astronaut dress up area. we convinced all three lidkids to get fully dressed up with very little fanfare, which is quite surprising if you know my crew. the only issue was hazel “hated these stupid gloves”.

then, we faked the moon landing.

i think isaac’s toes may give us away.

then goofiness (for my “one second everyday” app).

isaac looks official in this one… even if his head would have exploded if he really did this on the moon. or imploded? i don’t know.

i couldn’t stand how cute hazel was.

anna too. but, mostly hazel. tiny people are the cutest in space costumes.

undressing after their mission.

outside. some flags over alamogordo.

we went over to another building for the planetarium part. while we waited for our show time, the kids checked out this cool planet exhibit.

the planetarium part was pretty cool. the big kids really liked it. anna kept whispering to me whenever they said something that she already knew about. and hazel fell asleep.

that’s the story of our afternoon at the museum of space history.
the end.

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