escape to red rock canyon

at this point, i don’t think it’s a secret that i’m not a fan of las vegas, so i was pretty glad to venture out of the city with my mom, to do a bit of hiking and exploring in the red rock canyon.

the ride there was mostly standard desert colors, but as soon as you pull into the park, the bright red sandstone jumps out at you.

after a stop at the visitor center to confirm which hike we were going to attempt, we hit the trails.

our trek was interrupted frequently for climbing breaks.

the three lidkids. they were just as happy to get outdoors as i was.

everyone loves a good mini cave.

the annababy had a blast.

not to be outdone, isaac climbed to new heights.

hazel was happy to just observe the climbing.

as the trail got a bit more difficult, we realized we might not make it to the end (which is said to have a cool view of vegas, which i’m not sure i even care about).

my mom has a bad back, so when it got a little more treacherous, she stayed back, not wanting to risk ruining the rest of her vacation. we pressed on. for a bit.

we went just far enough to take some good pics.

myself, with the crazelnutty, pic by derek.

and my view of the crazelnutty, pic by me.

we headed back down to find my mom and get out of there.

we found her where we had previously abandoned her, documenting the scenery.

we hiked back to the car. and then drove back to vegas. blah.

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  1. Glad you found some pretty scenes.

  2. *Hazelnutty!

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