mosaic canyon, death valley.

we knew that it would take derek much longer to drive the beastly rv up and out of death valley than it would take us, making it the perfect opportunity to squeeze in a little extra adventure before we left. so, as he hit the road, we hit the trail, into the same slot canyon he and anna visited the night before. mosaic canyon is only a few miles (down a VERY bumpy dirt road) from our campground. and the fun climbing parts are all at the first part of the canyon, so there’s basically instant gratification, which is helpful for 2-3 members of my party.

anyhow. i’ve decided that in the interest of catching up on blog posts, and because i’m lazy, and because there’s not a lot to say about a bunch of pictures of the kids climbing, hiking and posing in a slot canyon, i’m just going to post the pictures, with no captions, for your viewing enjoyment. (i feel so liberated!)….

hope you enjoyed this wordless (lazy) journey into mosaic canyon with us. 🙂

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  1. Was this really as scary as it looks? Glad you all made it out safely.

  2. Love all the Band-Aids!!!

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