a sunny january hike at hanging rock.

for most of our time in winston-salem, its been rainy and cold or snowing and cold. it’s been pretty blah. but, finally the sun came out, and we took full advantage of it, driving up to hanging rock with our friends maya, livy, and heather, for a little bit of hiking and fresh air.

ok. so, wordpress (what i use to blog with) changed it’s entire editing interface, so i’m doing a bit of experimenting and learning. for this post, i’ve decided to just put all the pics in a gallery with captions. let me know what you think (if you have strong feelings either way).

and that’s the gallery of our adventures. we had a super fun day and i didn’t realize how depressing it is to be cooped up inside the camper all the time. the hike rejuvenated me. i can’t wait to get back outside again. (it’s cold and blah again, so not anytime soon).

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  1. NC has some pretty good mountains, too. Just not very tall and not snow-covered…

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