gingerbread houses, version 2018.

well, it’s january, and i’m just now getting around to catching up my blog from december. i’m sure no one is surprised.

so, rewind back to before christmas. it was a rainy and blah day. and we loaded up our gingerbread house building materials, and headed over to my friend heather’s house, for a decorating extravaganza with her girls.

as is usually the case, i waaaaay over purchased the decor items.

hazel takes decorating very seriously. we watch a lot of cake and cookie videos on instagram. oh, and of course the food network baking championships. she’s practically a pro.

anna is always the meticulous decorator, taking the longest and ending up with the most candies actually on her structure. this year, she actually chose the dreaded a-frame house that i usually end up with, because it looked like a tent.

isaac is usually in a big rush to finish, so he can eat his house, and any leftover candy. this year, knowing that we were saving the leftover candy for another round of decorating, and that he couldn’t eat the house until later, he was more patient and ended up with a fantastic house.

the work in progress was chaos.

finally, our finished products. the barrier girls are on the foil, mine and the kids are on paper plates.

crazelnut’s finished masterpiece.

and isaaczilla’s.


and the annababy’s.

it was a lot of fun to be able to do this with friends (and spread out on a big table, instead of our tiny dinette). and then we lugged them home in the rain, ate the candies off of them, and the whole thing was like it never happened.

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