life changes….

obviously. i am way behind in my blogging. like way way way.

if you know us in real life, or follow me on instagram, you’ll likely know that this is because we recently had quite a life transition. (which doesn’t excuse how far i was already behind when said transition took place, other than the fact that leading up to it, we were stressed and frazzled).

anyhow. a few months ago, we bought a house. a stupid, giant, cavernous, 1970s/80s house. on some land. in the redneck, white trash, outskirts of winston-salem.

here it is.

basically, without going into much detail, we were struggling quite a bit with the kiddos. and then made an impulse decision to settle. and here we are. and i am very much not handling it all very well. i miss our adventures. i hate owning a house. i hate winston-salem. i’m pretty miserable.

anyhow. that’s the update. i’m hoping to catch up on the million posts about the things we did before our epic road trip screeched to halt. and some happenings since then. but, i’m pretty unmotivated, so it might just be a bunch of pictures. i make no promises.

here’s a few more pictures from the house listing, if you care:

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