the annababy is nine.

and then. somehow. she was nine.

the annababy, obviously no longer a baby, is turning into quite an interesting and fun kiddo. she’s adventurous, curious, thoughtful, kind, honest, smart, creative, and goofy. she loves to draw and write and read and dance and play music. she hates math and compulsory school. she loves all animals and wildlife and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

since her birthday was happening in a period of pretty intense transition (and stress), she sort of got shafted. we had a little party in ny, that she had to share with her cousin eliot. and then we had a small party with just family at the grandlidboms house. for that, she wanted to have a sort of decorating challenge with her siblings, so we bought some cupcakes and a zillion tubes of frosting and sprinkles and candies, but it was interrupted by the arrival of the cousins and the judging part sort of fell apart. nevertheless, some epic cupcakes were made…

the cousins arrived and helped partake in the eating of cake, but first we feasted on anna’s choice of dinner, meatballs made with grampa and lots of nooooodles.

finally. it was official cake and candle time and singing time.

so. that was the annababy’s underwhelming birthday. i promised her that once we were in the house, she could have a girl party to make up for it. so now i obviously need to make that happen soon. eek.

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  1. Happy Day! Love this girl!

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