acadia. day seven.
all the maine foods and last hurrah.


our last day in acadia. we had done most of the things we wanted to do. it was rainy and cold. our dietary restrictions had been lifted. and we were ready to have a maine themed day of feasting.

first up, jordan’s restaurant. it is one of the top reviewed places to partake in maine blueberry pancakes with real maine maple syrup. so, obviously we had to go there. the girls ordered hot chocolate with whipped cream. lots of whipped cream. and we ordered waaaay too many pancakes. and we were stuffed.

one of the random items on our list for acadia was the abbe museum, which has two locations, one in the park and this one, in bar harbor. reviews were mixed on both, but since we had some time to kill, we popped in. it was quick. lots of art by and about the native folks from this area of maine and how they have interacted with european settlers, current relations with america, and you get the idea. it wasn’t really my kids cup of tea. and we made short work of the exhibits. but, it was cool, and i’m glad to support these efforts, even if they are sometimes lost on us.

after some more shopping and t-shirt hunting, we hit up one last restaurant. this time, we went to c-rays, on their last day of operation for the season, and i FINALLY got that lobster roll. unfortunately, they were out of almost everything else, so it wasn’t quite and lovely as we remembered it from last time. but still. so good.

we had one last campfire. sigh.

in the morning, we hit the road. we stopped to visit our friends again for a few minutes along the way, and then we made good time getting ourselves all the way down to just outside boston, where we hit up a walmart for our accommodations, and conked out.

back to reality (with a few pit stops along the way)…

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