all the christmasses, 2019.

in all the years that we have been local, we celebrate christmas early, with derek’s parents and his sister’s family, with a semi-swedish themed meal and gift exchange, at his parents house. i suppose they have celebrated it without us in the years that we weren’t local, but i guess i’ll allow it.

anyhoooo. here’s some shots from this years “swedish christmas”. i think the kiddos are outgrowing the back sunroom.

with swedish christmas in the books, it was time to focus on actual christmas just around the corner. i had been hiding gifts in my quilt closet, unwrapped, because then i won’t forget what is what along the way. so, on christmas eve, it was time to get to wrapping. once i had gifts from derek and i wrapped, i called each kid in to wrap their presents to each other. it was pretty cute.

for our first christmas in the stupid new house, we opted to spend christmas eve together as a family. derek cooked up a GIANT batch of the kiddos favorite food, mac n cheese, and we played board games and watched christmas movies.

after the lidkids were nestled all snug in their beds, i brought down all the gifts and stuffed stockings, while i watched christmas vacation, which is not quite family friendly viewing for our kiddos just yet.

in the morning, i woke up and snuck a cup of coffee with ruby, and we had a little photoshoot, before the kiddos strolled in, ready for the tearing open of presents.

and then it was present opening time. i think the kids were pretty pleased with their hauls. lots of legos, stranger things paraphernalia, ballet gear, art supplies, footwear, and frozen themed items. then at the end, i told the big kids i had almost forgotten a little gag gift i had picked up the day before at the dollar store. as they opened it, and realized they both were getting real iphones, the looks on their faces was priceless.

once the first round of gift opening was complete and the aftermath mostly attended to, we began preparing a fantastic breakfast feast. bacon, pancakes, eggs, toast, english muffins, hashbrowns, juices, milks, and of course, more coffee.

then. it was time for round two of gift opening. this time, gifts from my parents and uncle frankie. seriously. so many presents.

we had another round of cleaning up and then we waited for the grandlidboms and aunt madge to roll up on the scene. the kids played with new toys, derek got the phones up and running, and it was time to relax.

the family hung out all afternoon, while we worked to prepare the christmas feast to end all christmas feasts. derek cooked up an amazing prime rib, loaded baked potatoes, brussels sprouts, rolls and leftover mac n cheese. i quite literally stuffed my face. no regrets.

and finally. one last pic of the fam, before diving in. a lovely christmas.

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  1. Looks like your new house was treated to a royal Christmas celebration by the Lidbom family. You guys know how to throw a party!

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