ruby dooby doo is one!

on february third, our beloved canine turned one. ruby lola arya stark lidbom is the most perfect dog for our family. she’s snuggly and loves belly rubs and is exceptionally tolerant when being mauled by hugs and headlocks from lidkids. she loves to roam our wooded property, barking at the neighbor’s horses and donkeys, chasing squirrels up trees, and digging up all sorts of treasures. she’s super smart, and if we were better owners, we would channel that to our advantage, but we settle for handshakes, kisses, and rolling over. ruby loves any and all scraps of food, from delicious meats to onions skins and celery leaves. also the occasional chapstick. we are smitten with our little craigslist dog and very happy she found us.

for her birthday, we baked up a batch of peanut butter and carrot cupcakes. the frosting was more peanut butter and cream cheese. with a few human unicorn sprinkles for decorative purposes.

she wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the candle. and as you can see also made short work of her cute birthday crown.

with the candle blown out, she moved in for the feast.

after she had the first cupcake, and knew what it was all about, we tried again with the crown for a birthday photoshoot. she was much more agreeable at this point. and not stressed and confused.

happy birthday ruby, aka rubydoobydoo, aka rube dog, aka rubers, aka mc rubers, aka rubybaby, aka rube doggy dogg, aka ruby the doggo, aka good girl.

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  1. What a good dog!

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