the anna baby snorks.


on our third day in key west, anna and i were able to snorkel. the windy weather had caused our reservation to be postponed twice, and even though it was still a little choppy, it looked like day three was our best day to head out.

so, early on our third day, we geared up with the folks from looe key resort and we were off…

we waited for all the other snorkelers and scuba divers to get in. and then we (anna) worked up the nerve to get in. it took a bit of cajoling and reassuring, but eventually, we were both in the water, swimming about, taking in the sea life. anna was mostly in charge of the gopro, and we got some good footage, but it’s not great at capturing the stuff that’s deeper in the waters. it seems cloudier in the video than it actually was.

we spent an hour-ish splashing about, taking in the ocean scenery. i think anna thought it was pretty epic. we loaded back on the boat and moved to another spot and hopped back in. but anna didn’t last long on the second leg, after spotting (maybe?) a tiny jellyfish. thankfully, she was willing to go back on the boat with the super friendly crew, while i got a bit more snorkeling in. (and in that time i saw a shark. eek).

the water was pretty choppy and much colder in our second spot, and i wasn’t feeling great, so i hopped aboard early, and then suffered from my very first ever case of seasickness, and barfed up the entire contents of my stomach over the side of the boat, to become fish food. gross.

on the ride back, we basked in the sun, chatted with other divers and snorkelers, and enjoyed the scenery.

we saw a few dolphins and some sea turtles, but even just the wildlife free views of the turquoise waters of the keys was pretty amazing….

anyhooooo. it was a great trip. i’m proud of anna for sucking it up and hopping into the middle of the ocean. i had been planning to maybe go on a scuba trip after this, but this snorkel trip was good enough that we canceled my scuba dive adventure. (not that it would actually happen because wind and waves).

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  1. Go, Anna!

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