chicken flock 2.0

when we came off the road last year (almost exactly a year ago, sigh), we knew we wanted to get chickens. but, last year was pretty rough, trying to settle in and adjust, and acquire furniture, and just figure things out. so, we decided to wait until this spring/summer.

thanks to the pandemic panic, when we sat down to order our flock in april, there was a limited supply, so we couldn’t get the breeds we wanted until june 1st. i debated just getting a random assortment, which would mean they would come sooner, but anna was set on our picks, so “we” decided to be patient.

finally, after almost two months, our chicks shipped, and we raced off to the post office to pick them up.

isaac doesn’t really much care about them, but the girls were instantly in love. we have been handling them as much as possible in the hope that they will be super friendly.

we moved them into an old tote, hooked them up with a heat lamp, food and water, and they started growing instantly.

also. they started doing dumb chicken stuff. like tipping over their water. or pecking at a speck on the side of the bin. or getting stuck inside their food container and needing rescue.

hazel was a baby when we had chickens at the old house, so she doesn’t remember it at all, but it’s so fun to see her with these guys.

they are so cute and dumb.

of course, what fun are chickens if we can’t put them in our vintage little people house and pose them with some playmobil? and i wonder why they try to get away from me.

of course, when these guys arrived, it caused me to do a little stroll down memory lane, searching the archives for when we got our first flock. (look at anna’s face!!). we are hoping to have better luck with this flock and our beloved canine, ruby, than we did with with lucy, the cold blooded chicken murderer. if you don’t know, you can read about that here.

anyhooooo. here’s some screenshots of the different breeds we got as adult hens…

we are working on some names, and will use a “famous women in history” naming convention. so far one of the light brahma’s will be “michelle obrahma” and the silver spangled hamburg is “frida kahlo”. the rest of the names on our list have yet to be assigned. stay tuned. and feel free to offer suggestions.

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  1. My favorite pic is the chick in the feeder- that look in her eyes! I am looking forward to seeing the adult chickens- the ones you chose are beautiful!

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