escape to hanging rock.

our trip to pilot mountain was just the jumpstart we needed to start getting out and about and hiking a bit more. so, later in the week, we packed up again, and this time headed to hanging rock state park. (ruby barfed on the way up, if you were wondering).

our plan was to hike to the actual hanging rock and back, and then drive over to the lower cascade falls, to cool off in the waterfall/swimming hole.

off to the rock…

we eventually made it to the top. sweaty. maybe a little grumpy. we tied up the dogs and wandered around a bit, snapping photos, eating snacks, taking in the view.

we relaxed and had some snacks. and tried to take a family photo with the tripod and remote, but without someone else taking a pic and calling the dogs, there was no way to get them to look at the camera.

and then it was time to head back down, where we stopped for a photo op at this cool rocky overhangy area.

anyhoooo. we made our way back down to the car. the hike out and back has a long section that is just a gravel road. and on the way down, it’s easy to slip and slide on the crumbly rocks. it’s not my fave.

we drove over to the other lot and arrived just as it began to rain. we decided to eat our lunch under some trees to see if it would pass. it didn’t. but since we planned to get wet anyways, we went for it.

the water was raging! (at least compared to the last time we were there, about 6 years ago). the girls hopped right in.

eventually ruby and isaac joined in. duke was definitely not interested and preferred to just whine from the bank. ruby had a blast.

everyone splashed around in the icy cold waters to their heart’s content. or until they were numb. (the best ending to a hike if you ask us).

once everyone was sufficiently wet and tired, we hiked back out and headed back to the casa. we maybe stopped for roadside strawberries on the way. and then maybe ate half of them before we arrived home.

everyone was exhausted. including, but not limited to this bum.

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  1. Beautiful pics!

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