dreher island state park.
south carolina with pals

Our first RV trip of 2021 was fantastic. Dreher Island State Park in South Carolina was very pretty. I wasn’t aware that such places existed in South Carolina. :).

We arrived in the early afternoon and set up shop in our lakefront campsite. The views were lovely.

Derek surprised me with this camping loveseat that I’ve had on my list for a bit. Hazel kept calling it my “love chair”, which was totally cute and I will never correct her. The kids understand that this chair is meant for me and Ruby, and they are only allowed in it if one of us does not want to be in it at the moment.

Our friends were in the campsite across the road from us. When we booked, these were the only two sites close to each other and since they were continuing on to another lakefront campsite, they deferred and gave us the better location. Such nice folks. Anyways. The kids all mostly congregated at our site, spending a surprising amount of time in frigid lake waters. I didn’t even bother to pack suits for my kids, assuming it would be too cold, a lesson you would have think I would have learned by now. Ruby loved playing with them, until she would get the zoomies and run up and down the edge of the water and into other peoples campgrounds and she would have to be leashed and sad.

Dreher Island State Park seems to be mostly for boating enthusiasts, but there were some trails cutting through the island back. One afternoon, the other mom and I ditched our kids and took Ruby on a hike through the woods. She was happy to join us. We spotted a random wood stove or fireplace type structure literally in the middle of the woods. And we were able to let Ruby off her leash to run around a bit with no other humans nearby.

The kiddos were required to be outside and off screens during the daytime. It’s amazing how much fun they can have when they aren’t texting or playing minecraft or watching youtube.

Sometimes they would sneak inside, but we usually kicked them right back out.

Even though we were letting them do a bit of gaming in the evenings after dark, they still begged and begged and begged for more. We knew we were going to let them have one good night of hours of gaming, but we came up with the bright idea to make them earn it. (insert evil laugh here). We loaded them up with grocery bags and sent them to walk around camp and clean up trash. Can you see the joy in their faces? Anyways. They loaded up six grocery bags of trash and even found a dog bed by the side of the road that they brought back to our campsite with the misguided notion that I would be interested in the possibly flea infested pillow for Ruby. Spoiler alert: I was not.

Night times were for s’mores. So many s’mores. We had to restock supplies midweek.

We also shared evening meals which was fun. On our night to cook, we had a taco bar. So good.

We miss this gang. They are some of our favorite road life friends and I’m super happy that they are getting back on the road after a short hiatus. I’m also very jealous.

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