the crazel is eight.

ok. so i’m not sure how this happened. but suddenly, the crazelnut is eight. time is flying by, faster and faster.

we started the day off with a quick obligatory birthday photoshoot, which is always an adventure. this kid is always trying to be hilarious, usually successfully. she’s a big smartypants and loves to read, write stories, draw, paint and craft. she seems to maybe finally be trading in paw patrol for my little pony. she still loves to play pretend, with figurines or playmobil or her play kitchen, especially when anna is willing to join her. she’s sweet and snuggly and still my baby even if she’s rock solid and i almost throw my back out to pick her up.

anyhooooo…. she requested pancakes with whipped cream for breakfast, with a side of nutritious hot chocolate. then we spent a lot of the day playing games. i destroyed her repeatedly at connect four.

i spent a bit of time working on her cake and preparing for her party, before deciding that i needed more party supplies and making a quick run to the dollar tree for balloons and party favors and other various supplies. of course, that meant another photoshoot.

after what must have felt like the worlds longest day ever for the girl, it was finally partytime, and a few of her good pals arrived to celebrate with her. the grandlidboms came too, but managed to avoid being in any photos. we had pizza and the kids frolicked about the house and did a bunch of random crafts in the school “room”.

finally, it was cake time.

it was a little hard to watch that one go down. the kids all wanted to try the fondant decorations, but i don’t think they were as tasty as they’d hoped. i saved tiny chef, and put him on the window ledge at my sink, only to find him face planted and broken in the morning. oh well. anyways. here’s the party pals, filling up on sugar.

hazel’s big surprise gift from us was a talking tiny chef plush. she was so excited. i had maybe led her to believe that they didn’t have anymore of them and i would see if we could get one for christmas. he’s been a source of lots of laughs since then.

hazel had THE BEST DAY, complete with a meltdown at the end of the night, which is the true indicator of a perfect day coming to an end for a newly minted eight year old. 🙂

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  1. That cake is a prize winner! And Hazel looks like she had so much fun!

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