the first and last flying geese quilt i will make.
(epic amh #4).

with the completion of my cathedral windows pillow, i had some anna maria horner themed mojo going, so i quickly moved into the making of my next addition to my epic amh quilt collection.

i decided on a quilt made up of groups of four flying geese blocks (so i could use a handy no-waste method of constructing them) and got to work pressing the entirety of my amh fabric stash and cutting 144 different prints into large and small squares. technically, i cut 148, because i lack an adequate tallying method. obviously, i had to arrange them in tidy little rows, to admire their collective beauty.

then, i started in on making 288 flying geese blocks. ugh. while the no waste method makes this a slightly easier task, it is still a long process. so much pressing and trimming. and if i’m being honest, my sets of four were looking a little wonky before i started sewing them together. and then, i had a bit of a disaster when i was cutting the threads on some chain piecing, and sliced the bottom of one of my geese. i made a little patch to repair it and i think the error is hidden quite well.

i chugged along like a little factory worker, and before long, i had a quilt top. as usual, i basted it up in the cavernous foyer, while watching some nfl pregame shows. this was before the bills broke my heart.

at this point, i put this project into to-be-quilted purgatory. i wasn’t quite sure how i wanted to quilt it up, and also, some really amazing fabrics arrived in the mail and i got distracted by the making of another quilt.

eventually, i turned my attention back to this colorful beauty, and after quilting the aforementioned quilt in all straight lines, i decided this one would get the free motion treatment. i opted for rows of loops, matching the rows of flying geese, and pretty quickly, this one was ready for binding.

i went ahead and made the binding for both quilts at the same time, so you’ll be seeing that pic again. :). for this quilt’s binding, i selected a different amh print from my local quilt shop (the red on the right). for the backing, i made use of a cut of amh fabric (brown center strip) i scored on super clearance awhile ago, which was only just barely big enough by like an inch. i added some more fabric (pink side strips) from said shop, bringing the total number of different anna maria horner fabrics in this one to 147.

as soon as it bound, washed, dried, and properly crinkled, i enlisted the services of isaac lidbom, our resident tall human with ginormous wingspan, to hold it up for a photoshoot.

we had to try all the angles, because the bright sun was either washing it out, or casting crazy shadows.

amh quilts always make for a good quilt swirl photo.

i love this one. i didn’t love making all the geese. and i probably wont make them again for a long long time. but. definitely worth it.

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(epic amh #4).”

  1. So pretty! Love the creative patch you did. Perfect!

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