easter cookie mania.

spring break this year happened to be the week before easter, which meant that holden and fam were able to join us in some of our easter traditions and activities. one such tradition in this house involves an overkill of spring themed sprinkles and the decorating of easter cookies.

with hazel down for the count, i was in need of a new assistant baker, and holden filled in nicely. (anna also helped, but i didn’t get any photos since it’s quite a juggling act once the cookies start getting cut and put into the oven and taken out of the oven and the dough needs to be rerolled and the pans cooled off and then more cookies are ready and holy cows, i need a few more arms.)

after we had a sufficient number of egg, chick, rainbow, flower and maybe a couple of buffalo cookies, we busted out said overkill of sprinkles, i made up various springtime colors of gloopy glaze, and we were off to the races.

holden was very focused. he made several very thoroughly decorated cookies, before realizing he could cut out the middle man and just eat the sprinkles and icing, straight out of the containers. (pro tip: i had given him an egg carton with his own little supply of sprinkles, so that he would not contaminate the vast sprinkle collection. the glaze icing, i can’t make any guarantees.)

the glaze was a little more gloopy and runny than i intended, so it was a little frustrating, but everyone was troopers and just went with it, opting for a more psychedelic, tie dye vibe. oh. and did i mention my mom (and terry) joined the spring break gang towards the end of the week?

happy decorating crew…

eventually everyone fizzled out, but we managed to get the last few cookies slathered up in icing and sprinkles and then there remained one lone decorator, sitting alone amongst the aftermath, providing quality assurance testing.

and… the final results. the lighting was poor (it always is in the stupid burnt orange kitchen), so imagine these just a bit more brightly colored and springlike, if you will. also, see if you can spot the buffalo bills tribute. and the cincinnati bengals buffalo bills crossover cookie.

and there you have it. another easter cookie mania in the books.

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  1. These look too pretty to eat! I think the tulips add such a nice touch to the entire decorating process. I love your spring projects!

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