annababy cookie cakes takes off

about a year ago, anna started making and selling cookie cakes. she maybe made one or two a month, for close friends and family. but, about a month ago, word got out at school, and the orders began rolling in and she has been baking and decorating like crazy.

i am surprised that so many kids have and are willing to part with $20 for a cookie cake. sugar might be the real gateway drug. i’m also surprised that i never got a call from the school issuing a cease and desist. instead, all of anna’s teachers seemed super supportive of her entrepreneurial endeavors.

the kids have ordered some strange things. and some gave anna free reign. some were super sweet and ordered something for their parents or family. others bought them for their study groups and friends at school. anyhow. here they are….

she has also still had some orders from adults and has knocked those out of the park too. derek’s parents ordered two fishing themed cookie cakes for our nephews graduation party. an old friend of mine wanted a chicken themed cookie cake for her daughters birthday. and my pal stephanie’s husband and daughter ordered her a floral cookie cake for her birthday.

now that school is out, i’m sort of relieved that the orders have slowed down. she was making two or three a day there for a bit. and there was a bit of tension regarding her use of ingredients and not asking permission or informing me that we needed more. particularly when i had my own cakes to contend with.

anyways. if you need a cookie cake, you know where to find us….

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