only thirteen, but my mind is older.

whelp. it’s time for another birthday for the anna baby. and this years obsession at the time of cake making is the hamilton musical, so that was to be the theme. despite my insistence that she not wait until the last minute (week of her party) to tell me what she wanted her cake to look like, whe waited until the last minute (four days before the party) to tell me what she wanted for her cake to look like. she presented me with a very rough sketch, and i frantically got to work.

first up, i needed to get the fondant topper started so it would have time to dry hard enough to adorn the cake in an upright fashion. i made two hamilton star logos, just in case of catastrophe. turns out, catastrophe struck the next day, when i arrived home to find one of the stars with drips of water on it. there are multiple suspects but no one would confess. anyways. i made twelve cups of buttercream and four 8″ vanilla cake layers, stacked it all up, frosted it, and on friday night before her party, i was ready for an intense session of recreating the tiny intricate details of the photo anna chose for the cake.

on saturday, just before the party, i put all of the various elements together, to create this (what i think is quite epic) finished hamilton themed cake.

the only regret i have was my decision to try a new buttercream recipe. it was supposedly easier to smooth, but i had a little trouble with it. and it just wasn’t as delicious as the usual traditional american buttercream i usually make. oh well. i mean. it was still good. just not AS good.

anna (and her fellow hamilton enthusiasts) loved it.

here’s one more parting shot. 🙂

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  1. This is a fabulous cake! What a special way to celebrate Anna’s beginning of teen years. She is one blessed kid. And your labor of love turned out so beautiful.

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