go bills. pillow version.

a few years back, i decided to try my hand at foundation paper piecing pattern drafting. of course, since it was in the middle of a successful football season, trying to create a fabric version of the bills logo was the only logical choice.

except that it wasn’t. at least maybe not for my first ever attempt. a few things were not ideal. firstly, the size of the logo was a little on the small side, making all of the many details extra tiny. secondly, i was way too intricate, at least at this scale, so there was a lot of chunky fabric and seams. and lastly, i didn’t put seam allowances in my pattern, which i can work around, but definitely made life a little more difficult.

anyways. all that to say, i made the one block, and then never revisited the pattern. and the one block has been on my design wall for almost three years.

well. in a recent valiant effort to wrap up some unfinished projects, i decided it was time to turn this into something. i used a pattern for some fpp letters to spell out BILLS (thankfully, i still had some of the same red and gray solids from the logo), added a patchwork border from several long hoarded bills fabircs, bound it up with a zubaz print from spoonflower, and it was good to go.

i quilted in the ditch around the logo and the letters and then just did some straight lines in the borders. i almost might like it as a wall hanging more than a pillow.

but once it was on the couch, there was no going back. it’s a new family favorite.

even ruby is a fan. now. if only the bills could get their act together….

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  1. I love this pillow!

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