lidbom family stocking upgrade.

a long long long time ago, when i was a few days past my due date for the hazelnut, and she didn’t have a stocking to match the rest of the family, and i happened to find myself at a sewing event with my quilt guild, i decided to make her a patchwork stocking, even if i was a little frustrated with her for holding me hostage for so long. the following year, instead of buying her a boring lands end stocking to match the rest of the fam, i determined that i needed to make patchwork stockings for the other four of us, to coordinate with hers, and then ended up remaking her stocking anyways. you can read all about what i’ve just summarized in this blog post, if you’d like.

well, hazel turns ten in a few weeks, so if you do a little math, you’ll know that the stockings are nine years old now. and they are started to feel a bit dated. for example, isaac’s has batman and robots in it. for the last couple years, i’ve intended to make new ones, but then christmas season gets away from me and i file it away for next year. well, this year was finally the actual year.

i asked each kid and derek what colors they would like and went to town, going even scrappier than the original stockings of 2014. and completely obliterated my sewing room in the process.

before i knew it, i had a brand new set of stockings. you can’t see it in the pics, but even the linings and the backs are handpicked fabrics for each stocking recipient. (the 2014 stockings just have white linings and backings of whatever fabrics i had enough yardage of and sort of coordinated). i also put a binding on the top of these, which makes them more polished, i think.

can you guess whose is whose?

(answer: red/white = derek, pink/purple = hazel, green/yellow = anna, rainbow = me, blues = ike).

i’m super excited to hang these this year, but now i’m sort of conflicted about whether ruby needs one or not. maybe next year. 🙂

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  1. Nice work!

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