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kristin boone is the bomb.

my pal kristin boone, who is the best photographer around, took some pics of my kids a few weeks ago. and like always. they are AMAZING. i like to think my cute kids have something to do with this. but, … Continue reading

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a chicken tale.

so. when i was writing my post for march, i intentionally left out all of our baby chick pics, deciding that a dedicated baby chicken post was in order. at the time, it was going to be a delightful tale, … Continue reading

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sunshiny florida trip. part 2.

on our third day in florida, we laid pretty low. we skipped the beach and instead headed to the pool. i took exactly zero pictures at the pool. because of having to hold so many non-swimmers and such. then, hazel … Continue reading

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sunshiny florida trip. part 1.

ok. i’m skipping around. we actually just got back from this trip, so this isn’t belated. well, technically it is. but, by my dismal standards, it’s super early. some background. in october, my gramma died. (that post is here.) anyhoo. … Continue reading

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belated (mostly instagrams) march post.

beware: this post contains 45 pictures from the lid kid month of march. we kicked off march with derek and isaac heading out of town to a wedding, so i just had the girls. which meant anna watched a lot … Continue reading

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belated easter post.

yep. i’m about to play another round of bloggy catch up. first up. easter. the eggs dying. and the egg hunt. the egg dying went as you might suspect. same as every family. for the last 100 years, i suppose. … Continue reading

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february in 35 pictures.

it seems i’m getting worse and worse at consistent blogging, despite my attempts to get better and better at consistent blogging. it’s been a rather crazy month. i kicked it off by returning from batavia for my uncle ray’s funeral. … Continue reading

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updating the kids bathroom.

we bought this house ten years ago. and it was previously owned by a couple a wee bit older than us. and there was a lot of very 1990′s-ish wallpaper. we immediately de-wallpapered the kitchen and painted it royal blue … Continue reading

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all the happenings in january. guacamole hazel. cupcake-juicebox hazel. play-doh anna. a new giant box came in the mail. anna moved in. isaac sorted markers for her to decorate with. waffle maker helper hazel. i’m told this is princess elsa. … Continue reading

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isaac’s eighth birthday.
minecraft mania.

last saturday. isaac lidbom turned. eight. eight. EIGHT. how did this happen? anyhooo… we took some obligatory chalkboard pics of the boy as he entered into his ninth year on the planet… first, one by himself. all proud. then, anna … Continue reading

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