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downtown disney. disney springs.

earlier last week, i made the executive decision to head to downtown disney, only to find that it has been rebranded “disney springs” and there’s a ton of construction and confusion. once we drove around for an extra half hour … Continue reading

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clermont, FL. week one.

ahhhhhh. wifi. we haven’t had it for the entire week. well, we had derek’s work hotspot, but we have tried to use that very little for personal stuff. but, he ordered something that gives us some data, and now i’m … Continue reading

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action packed saint augustine day.

the sun was out on our first morning in saint augustine. i had spent the evening before looking for possible fun things to do with the kids, but everything seemed kind of boring for a 9, 5 and 2 year … Continue reading

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from savannah to saint augustine.

so, we had originally planned to make a few stops on our way to orlando, and dry camp for all of them. but, since we were leaving at 9am instead of 5pm, we weren’t sure about finding a spot to … Continue reading

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charleston. rainbow row.

on our last day in charleston, it finally warmed up and anna was feeling a little better and we were all systems go. except that we had to be unplugged from our site at noon and we had to pull … Continue reading

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charleston. doctors and beaches.

ok. i’m going to attempt to get this blog up to date. starting with last monday and tuesday. in charleston. i left off with a miserable annababy. well, she wasn’t getting any better. high fever. symptoms very similar to hazel’s … Continue reading

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a rocky start.

upon returning from our super fun aquarium adventure, Anna starting complaining about some stomach pain. we got her all snuggled up on the couch and sort of assumed it was just travel and sedentary life induced constipation.    she is … Continue reading

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aquarium adventures. 

after our long and blah rainy first day, we loaded up the kids on day two and headed to the south carolina aquarium. isaac thought it was cool. Hazel thought everything was totally amazing. and Anna was meh.     model … Continue reading

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first official post from the road.

we embarked yesterday. our original plan was to leave tomorrow, but a massive winter storm was in the forecast, so we pushed the date up, and the stress level up, and left two days ahead of schedule. the kids settled … Continue reading

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december stuff.

i’m trying to pretend that it’s not already mid-january as i post the happenings of december. well, the happenings that aren’t cool hikes, christmas, super sick babies, sewing, abandoning our dog, or buying an rv. so, here’s what our december … Continue reading

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