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west virginia. mountain mama.

the first leg of the official official lidbom rambling road show was to a little spot in west virginia, about ten minutes north of charleston. we arrived late at night and had to navigate some super windy, dark, narrow country … Continue reading

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queen city getaway before the getaway.

so. our camper wasn’t going to be ready friday. we were staying at derek’s mom’s house. they weren’t even there. we only had a couple of clothes changes with us. the situation was getting old. so, derek bought some points … Continue reading

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the anna baby is SIX!!

well, the anna baby is six now. i suppose we should stop calling her a baby. nah. anyhow, her birthday festivities were much more chill than last year. (hint: princess anna and elsa came). we had hoped to have a … Continue reading

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our first weeks of homelessness.

after our yard sale, we spent a couple of days getting the rest of the stuff cleared out of the house (which mostly consisted of paying our painters some extra cash to get stuff out of the house). and the … Continue reading

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our last days in a house.

i was going to try to categorize this blog into several different blogs. one for “prepping to move out”, one for “easter eggs”, one for “hazel pottytrains”…. but, i’m just going to glob it all together here, and be all … Continue reading

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family easter mountain trip

during our time “home”, we took a trip up to the boone/blowing rock/banner elk mountain region over easter with derek’s parents. our first stop, as usual, was the mast general store… on the way home, we decided to have some … Continue reading

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fort clinch state park

our last week of camping was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. (i’ve already mentioned this, i know, i know). but on one beautiful (albeit windy) day, we drove back into florida to amelia island to visit yet another … Continue reading

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the final week of the trial run.

we are home now. we got home last saturday. it took a few days to actually unload everything, which includes this computer. so, i have a wee bit of catching up to do. but, since our last week was relatively … Continue reading

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homosassa springs state park.

for the next leg of our journey, we were scheduled to stay at a campsite in homosassa, near homosassa springs state park. we settled in on friday night and woke up saturday and we were off to see the manatees… … Continue reading

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last days in tampa bay.

when i last left you, we were waiting for my dad and cousin to arrive for dinner. well, they came. we cooked. kids played. everyone ate. a good time was had. the kiddos started out with peppa pig, but then … Continue reading

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