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  • double digits.

    isaac is ten. it happened last week. we were in alabama. and he turned ten. we kicked off his big day with funfetti pancakes and bacon. for lunch, he chose chick fil a. obviously. then we dashed home and scrambled to wrap presents. hazel insisted on labeling her own. 🙂 then it was cake time. […]

  • lid kid adventures
  • 39.

    on november 16th, i entered into my fortieth year on earth. that is to say, i turned thirty nine. it was a monday, but i started the celebration on the preceding thursday. firstly, i went out with some friends to the porch. so fun. i had a foothills frostbite black ipa to start things off. […]

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  • theannababy turns five.

    on friday, may 8th, the anna baby turned five. we kicked things off with a frozen themed photoshoot in front of the big chalkboard. and then an oatmeal breakfast complete with a birthday candle. at school, she had a little birthday celebration, complete with gramma stopping by to read knuffle bunny and a rousing version […]