• cakery and confections
  • the frozen cakery

    when we settled on a frozen themed birthday for the girl, i began to pin approximately 800 cakes and cupcakes. after much deliberation, i settled on these. first. some snowflake decor. i made two trays full of sparkly fondant snowflakes. i was just going to shove plastic rings on plain cupcakes for school, but then […]

  • cakery and confections
  • rainbow dash cake

    as i previously mentioned, anna decided on a rainbow dash cake. obviously, that meant the inside should be rainbow layers. obviously. the crumb coated cake is always pretty too. rainbow dash. on a cloud. as requested. it was also explained to me that i was NOT to put the blue border around the bottom of […]

  • lid kid everyday life
  • four.

    last week. on thursday. this kid turned four. it seems very impossible. she’s quite a little character. very independent. and stubborn. she is a super little artist. and loves to read. and pretend. and play with princess dolls. and baby dolls. and hoard piles of random toys into the hidden corners of the house. we […]